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Sammie Denham (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer, associate director and instructor, with an extensive background in the performing arts, residing in the heart of New York City. Her strong versatility has made her a successful, sought after artist in the industry.

Possessing the unique distinction of dual citizenship in Canada and the UK, coupled with her green card status in the USA, Sammie Denham exhibits an extraordinary capacity to operate on the global stage. This accessibility has afforded her the privilege of traversing the world, forging a remarkably diverse and multifaceted career path.

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Sammie's captivating journey has encompassed performances alongside distinguished artists, including Elise Estrada and Mariana’s Trench. She has graced the stage of illustrious live events such as the 2015 Pan Am Games Closing Ceremonies and the Times of India Film Awards, leaving an indelible mark with her magnetic presence, and her artistry has  been etched into television through her appearance on 'The L Word', and the film 'The Layover'. In a testament to her global allure, Sammie had the honor of taking her talents across the world's stages, becoming an integral part of three original productions for Royal Caribbean Productions, masterfully crafted by Moment Factory. An apex of this remarkable journey was her involvement in an outdoor aqua show, where she stood as a pioneer in the original cast and creation team. Her role as both dancer and aerialist, seamlessly performing both in and out of the water, showcases her versatility and deep-rooted dedication to the art form.


Known for her choreographic finesse, Sammie Denham has etched her artistry onto a diverse canvas of projects. Her creativity graced esteemed brands like L’Oreal and Miss World Canada, she has interwoven her choreography into live productions for Canadian companies – the Lover’s Cabaret and the Darling’s Cabaret, the New York Joffrey Ballet School, and lent her artistic touch to the cinematic realm in the film Meridiem. A pivotal milestone that resonates profoundly within her journey is the unveiling of her full length piece, "Dances on Water," during the Sechelt Arts Festival's 20th Anniversary Performance. And in a captivating evolution, Sammie's choreography has now found its grandeur on the prestigious stages of Royal Caribbean. Starting as an assistant choreographer, creating life into two captivating productions: "Aqua80" and "The Book." and most recently, ascending to the role of associate choreographer, lending her visionary touch to Royal Caribbean's latest production, "inTENse." This remarkable progression echoes her steadfast devotion to artistic growth and her innate ability to transport audiences through the eloquence of movement.


Sammie’s dynamic and challenging choreography, combining both athleticism and style keeps her in high demand.  With an expansive teaching portfolio that spans across both Canada and the US, Sammie's influence has graced numerous aspiring dancers. She has served as faculty at prestigious institutions like Vancouver's esteemed Harbour Dance Centre and the revered Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Her impact on the global dance scene extends further, as she embarked on international tours, participating as a key member of audition panels for Joffrey Ballet School's esteemed summer intensives. Sammie's commitment to nurturing the art of dance led her to curate the annual 'Summer Wake-Up Workshop' on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Canada, which she successfully helmed for an impressive span of seven years. This workshop attracted participants ranging from the age of 3 to adults, showcasing her versatile prowess in engaging dancers of all levels and age groups.


As her career continues to evolve, Sammie has newly embraced the role of associate director for Royal Caribbean. This latest chapter stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and weaving stories through the language of movement. Her remarkable aptitude for collaboration with multi-disciplinary artists hailing from diverse backgrounds, within one-of-a-kind venues, results in the creation of pure magic. As of 2023 Sammie embarks on a new creative venture as both an associate director and choreographer for Royal's upcoming Aqua show, 'Aqua Action.' This eagerly anticipated spectacle is set to grace the decks of the highly anticipated ICON of the Seas, a ship poised for delivery in 2024. Sammie looks forward to exploring more opportunities within this professional realm.







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